Eco-friendly Business Advice For Startups

In order to start a successful business that is viable and has the longevity to last a lifetime, you’re going to need to work on creating an eco-friendly business. Being an environmentally friendly business in 2020 has never been more important than right now. If big changes aren’t made right now, we have just 11 years until we cause irreversible damage to the planet and suffer the consequences for generations to come. If you want to make sure you’re contributing to a greener, happier future, one where we can all live comfortably and keep the planet healthy, then you should follow the below advice.

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Work With Sustainable Suppliers and Create Sustainable Partnerships

Start by making sure you’re working with sustainable suppliers, as well as creating sustainable partnerships. Most startups need support from other kinds of business to truly get started, whether this is businesses to buy materials from or businesses that provide a service they need. Make sure you do your homework on any business you consider working with to ensure your impact is as sustainable as possible.

Reduce Your Impact By Selecting Your Warehouse Carefully

If you choose a warehouse on the other side of the world, you need to consider the impact of this. Who is going to be working in the warehouse? How much are they being paid? What is the impact on the planet when you import the items from the warehouse? Making sure you are working with warehouses that pay their people a fair wage and treat them fairly is just as important as ensuring sustainability is maintained. Treating people like cattle and forcing them to work for less than a living wage is not good for the planet.

Pick Your Packaging With Biodegradability In Mind

Make sure you select any packaging with biodegradability in mind. If you’re a hospitality business selling food, you’re going to want to make sure that you send people away with food in boxes that are both sturdy and biodegradable. Nobody wants their Burger Box to fall apart, let alone have a lasting impact on the planet! Do your research and select your material carefully.

Buy Second Hand or Refurbished Equipment

When it comes to buying equipment such as laptops and other bits, try buying second hand or refurbished rather than brand new. Not only will this save you some money, it’ll be so much better for the planet.

Make Buying New A Last Resort

Buying new should be a last resort, whether you’re looking at computer chairs, desks, or tablets.

Encourage Carpooling and Public Transport

Rather than driving to work, encourage carpooling and public transport. Consider offering incentives to make this a more attractive option!

Minimize or Eliminate Paper

Going paperless is probably going to be easier than you think. Stop printing needlessly, and if you do need to print, use recycled ink and paper and use both sides. Use failed prints as scrap paper. Have all of your bills and invoices delivered via email, and do the same for your customers!

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