Perfect Captions: A Guide For A Beginning Instagram Blogger

If you are an experienced Instagram blogger, you already know how difficult it is creating the perfect captions. Post writing is easy. However, the main challenge beginners have is creating the caption. The question is should they write captions in a friendly or professional tone? What about using emojis and hashtags? How should one go about it?

So whether you are a blogger or promoter, this beginner guide will help you create the perfect caption that will look as good as your picture. Let’s get to it!

Create a CTA (Call To Action) In Your Caption

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Including a call to action in your caption can go a long way in driving more engagements on each post you create when audiences are invited to engage or comment. The question is should you include a call to action on all Instagram captions. No!

You can include a call to action directing your followers or friends to take action by checking out your product. Prompt them to click the link embedded in your bio. You can also ask them to answer a question, use your branded hashtag, tag a friend and many more.

It is called “call to action” so action words such as “stop,” “start,” “discover,” “learn,””build,” and “join,” would be more effective in stimulating people to take action. These words can prompt your followers to perform tasks you want them to far better than using passive adjectives or nouns.

Your call to action can prompt your followers to drop comments on your posts. Turn your CTA into a question and consider using the 5 W’s (What, Where, Why, Who And When) to grab your followers’ attention.

Now, should I save my CTAs until the end? No! The reason is that Intsagram will truncate the caption after a few lines, so place your CTA within 3-4 lines in your post. Include as many details as you can within that line. People come across thousands of posts daily. So your caption should be super engaging to draw their attention.

Creating a call to action is easy. Just ask your followers to perform a task after reading through your caption. Ask your readers for their thoughts about a product or what they would be doing for the weekend.

Let Your Brand Voice Be Consistent

Let’s start with the obvious. Use proper spelling and grammar. Besides that, remember that maintaining a brand voice is necessary for a good Instagram caption. If you are marketing a product and controlling other channels, then consistency is key. All your social media channels should sound alike or have the same brand voice to carry your followers along.

As a newbie or someone who is just starting out, you can get clues from other Instagram accounts. These accounts should be related to your business or industry. Compile a list of them and see how different their brand voices are. Once you discover a suitable voice that resonates with yours, adopt that and remain consistent. In fact, let both your written paper concerning your business or brand bear the same voice.

Include Emojis

Emojis can help you create a perfect caption in many ways. It can help draw the attention of people to your call to actions or give your Instagram caption some personality.

However, you can draft the caption with emojis as this can draw the attention of your followers so they want to click and read more. You can also insert multiple emojis at the best part of your caption, which is usually the beginning. You have about 2-3 lines to impress your followers before the caption is truncated.

A color emoji will draw the attention of your followers to your caption no matter what. Besides, who doesn’t like a captivating emoji?

Include Some Mentions

You can mention other Instagram users in your caption, which is also a good way to share in the Insta-love and give back to the Instagram community. In fact, you need others to grow in the Instagram community. Mentioning other people’s handle is one way to promote and build a solid reputation.

When posting an image with another brand or person, embed their handles into your caption and not just by tagging them. This will cause your followers to discover their profiles as well.

Get Started – Revamp Your Captions Today!

Creating a perfect Instagram caption might be challenging for a beginner. That is why we have made these tips to help you take your Instagram handle to greater heights. More people will read and see your post with a good caption. Your post will appear on users’ feeds or find its way to the Explore page with little effort.

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    Captions are more or less extracted from quotes and sayings of famous people.

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