Social Networks Can Make Or Break Any Business

Can you name one business that isn’t on social media?

Indeed, social networks can give brands a voice to reach out to their market and show off their personality; it also encourages customers to interact with their favorite businesses. The Internet never forgets what happens in the online world. Small companies can become an overnight success if they understand how to play the social media game. And big businesses can suddenly hit a wall of criticism for failing to maintain a healthy social media presence. In a world where a tweet can make or break your brand, it’s vital to understand how to navigate those troubled waters.

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You can use it to create your business brand

For any business or freelancer considering starting a social media account, the most difficult part of building a profitable presence is to understand how to manage your followers. Indeed, the idea that an account needs to build a huge volume of followers at all costs to get noticed can lead to mistakes. First of all, attempting to buy fake followers isn’t going to get you the attention you need. Fake followers bring no reputation to your brand. Another common error is to celebrate each follower, regardless of the value they bring to your brand. You need the right followers in your market niche to build up your brand image.

It connects your team

Your employees also use social media accounts for their personal network. While it’s fair to say that no company should dictate how employees use their social media presence privately, you also need to understand how their behavior could potentially affect your brand. An employee who is linked online to your company and who shares discriminatory content, for instance, could make your company appear less reputable. It can be helpful to perform thorough background checks of your candidates on Checkr before offering them the job. You could identify harmful patterns in their work history or online presence.

It’s the first customer call center

Being active on social media can also save you a lot of time when it comes to dealing with customer issues. Indeed, customers tend to turn to social media to voice their concerns about the company. Being able to handle queries and complaints in a public space can feel daunting, at first. But it is essential to maintaining your brand reputation. Customers who make the effort to reach out to you on social expect a quick response, but more importantly, they are likely to be already frustrated at this point. Choosing your words carefully and offering support is vital.

You are not in charge, every user is

Finally, social media is a public space. Individual users are not only watching your response, they can also create attention-worthy content. Take Lucifer, the TV show that was launched on Fox. When the channel canceled the show in 2018, outraged Twitter users rose together to share their disappointment. The hashtag #SaveLucifer began to trend across the world, and indeed Lucifer was saved, by Netflix. In short, don’t assume that being a business gives you the upper hand.

Every business needs to tread carefully in the social media world. It is a space where what is said can’t be unsaid and where hundreds of customers watch your responses. More importantly, social media platforms let every single user have a say, giving them the power to make or break brands.

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