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Before Growing Your Social Media Following, Do This First

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If you’re a new business, or relatively new, I’m going to take a guess that a big social media following is high up there on your to-do list.

I get no points for guessing that. It’s no secret that a prominent social media following can do wonders for a new business. Given the right circumstances, it can change the fortunes of a business overnight.

The problem is, how do you grow a social media following when you’re just starting out?

Social Media Not Working For Your Business? This Is Probably Why

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You must promote on social media!

So say the latest and greatest business books. But if you’ve launched your startup on social media, you might be starting to question this theory. You might find that posting on social media is taking up a huge proportion of your time. And you might find that people are ignoring your posts. No one is clicking. No one is buying. So you are probably wondering: why put the effort in?


If You Think SEO Is Overwhelming, This Post Might Be The One For You

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When you think SEO, you probably think too complex, right? But don’t ignore it. One of the most effective ways to get people finding your website on Google? Create an SEO friendly blog. High quality content is what will help Google determine if you are a site to direct people towards.

Now, SEO can be a complex subject if you want it to be. If I were to walk you through everything I know (and plenty more I don’t) on SEO there would be far too much to cover in one blog post. In this post I’m simply going to look at one of the most basic aspects of SEO: your page title (or more specifically, your blog post title).


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